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Learning and upskilling is top of mind for everyone, whether they are information workers or part of the frontline workforce. No matter how your employees work – from a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone – Viva Learning makes it easy to learn seamlessly in the flow of work. In this blog, we’ll dive into the Viva Learning mobile app and how it’s optimized for on-the-go learning.


The Viva Learning mobile app features most of the same capabilities available on desktop in a mobile-friendly and intuitive interface. Employees can access Viva Learning through the Microsoft Teams mobile app – just select the ellipses to expand the app menu and find the Viva Learning icon. Employees can reorder and pin the apps in their Teams mobile app so Viva Learning appears by default.


Screenshots of finding and pinning the Viva Learning mobile app


The Viva Learning mobile app provides employees the flexibility to complete their assigned training anytime and anywhere without having to sit at a workstation.  It also enables employees to view and access learning content from a wide variety of catalogues spread across multiple content providers. Employees can share learning content in a Teams message from the course itself or a chat composition, and they can view curated content in learning tabs created for their teams. Especially for frontline workers who may be on their feet and working outside of a nine to five desk job, the last thing they want to do is sit at a computer after a long shift and go through their trainings. Providing a mobile solution gives them the flexibility to learn in a way that best fits their work styles – for example, on a commute or in between shifts.


Screenshot of sending a learning course in the Teams mobile app chat


A free version of Viva Learning comes included with any Microsoft 365 subscription. This version automatically provides employees access to content from Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 trainings, and 125 LinkedIn Learning courses (or the entire catalog with a LinkedIn Learning enterprise subscription) on their desktop and mobile devices. They can also discover and share company content through the SharePoint integration, including employee-uploaded content in the learning tabs (learn more about the SharePoint integration and bring your own content here).


If the organization purchases Viva Learning or Viva Suite licenses, employees can access their required trainings and assignments from connected providers and learning management systems like SAP SuccessFactors and Go1 through the Viva Learning mobile app as well. See details on Viva Learning pricing and packaging here.



New to the Viva Learning mobile app


With new notification features, employees will receive a notification in the Activity section of the Teams app when they receive learning assignments and recommendations or if a deadline is approaching. Notifications will show up in the phone’s notification center if Teams notifications are enabled on the mobile device.


Screenshot of learning assignment notification in the Teams mobile app


The Viva Learning mobile app also now supports in-app consumption, so employees are no longer brought out of the Teams app into browser to view learning content. Instead, a viewing window will pop up within the mobile app, making learning a seamless experience.


Screenshot of in-app playback on mobile app for a learning course


Additionally, the Viva Learning mobile app has a new search and filter experience. Employees can filter search results in Viva Learning by interest, provider, and course duration to better find the type of content they are looking for.


Screenshot of search filters in the Viva Learning mobile app



Coming soon


Currently, the Viva Learning mobile app has one view for all your learning content, assignments, recommendations, and bookmarks. Next month, the app will have a new look – featuring both Home and My Learning tabs to make navigating the app even easier. Just like in the desktop app, the mobile Home tab lets you browse featured and trending content, a snapshot of your upcoming assignments and recommendations, suggested content based on your interests, and content by subject, provider, and duration. The pop-out Search button lets you search for courses no matter where on the page you are.


Animated GIF of Viva Learning mobile app Home tab


Switch to the My Learning tab to see your assignments, bookmarked content, content recommended to you, and recently viewed and completed content.


Animated GIF of Viva Learning mobile app My Learning tab


With a robust mobile learning solution, we become closer to our goal of empowering every employee to learn, grow, and achieve. Check out the Viva Learning mobile app on your phone and try out the new features today!


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