Discover XDR integrations and services in the New Microsoft 365 Defender Partner Catalog

Cybersecurity strategies are often complex and include a wide range of solutions, or sometimes even managed security services partners to help run them effectively. As a result, we prioritize building and evolving a thriving ecosystem of partner products and services that work together with our offering to effectively defend against threats. 


Microsoft’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution – Microsoft 365 Defender – integrates best of breed security across endpoints, vulnerability management, email, identities, cloud apps, and more into a leading XDR solution to help secure your users with effective threat protection, detection, and response. 


Today we’re excited to introduce the new Microsoft 365 Defender Partner Catalog, which enables you to easily discover technology and services partners that work with the Microsoft Defender suite of products, all from a central place. The catalog includes point solution integrations, as well as breadth solutions for the entire XDR suite of products. 


The new catalog includes two sections: 


Technology Partners 

With a rapidly evolving cyber-threat landscape, organizations often deploy a variety of solutions as they build out their defense strategy. We believe there are significant efficiency benefits when integrating and enabling collaboration between these solutions and are committed to ensuring our solutions work well with others that customers have chosen to run in their environment.  


Towards this goal, Microsoft 365 Defender is continuously expanding its ecosystem of partners and API integrations. The new central Technology Partners Catalog enables you to easily discover all partner product integrations with Microsoft 365 Defender and understand how they work with Microsoft 365 Defender or the individual solutions for endpoint, identity, vulnerability management, email, and cloud app security.  and cloud app security.  

In the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, go to Partner Catalog 

> Technology Partners to get started. 


Image 1: View of the new Technology Partners catalog 



Professional Services 

Modern attacks have grown in complexity and sophistication, and organizations sometimes cannot keep up or just don’t have the resources for a dedicated security operations team. Whether they are looking for help reviewing alerts, ensuring they are keeping up with the latest attack techniques, or want an overall assessment of their security posture – there are many use cases for which organizations turn to additional help from security services partners. 

The Microsoft Defender security solutions, together with an extensive network of partners, can help address these challenges to protect against sophisticated cyber attackers most effectively 


The new Professional Services Catalog in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal allows you to discover the services offering that is right for you across an extensive ecosystem of leading services partners. Services offerings include managed threat hunting, managed detection and response, and more.  


To discover these partner offerings, go to the Microsoft 365 Defender portal > Partner Catalog > Professional Services. 


Image 2: View of the central Professional Services Catalog in the Microsoft 365 Defender portal 




With best of breed security solutions for endpoint, email, and more – integrated as a leading XDR solutionMicrosoft 365 Defender offers partners opportunities to extend these security offerings with an open framework and a rich set of APIs. This enables partners to build extensions and integrations for the Microsoft 365 Defender security platform.  



More information 

Are you a partner and want to be included in the catalog, or are you looking to become a partner? 


Contact us at with your company and integration or services information. 

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